Privacy entangled!

There’s an old saying:  “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!”

After reading this article, one has to wonder, who’s the real “enemy?”

Perhaps it’s time you reconsidered your business and personal privacy strategies…. #SmashDisk #TotalChoiceTechSolutions


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Google Drive was down for 2 hours earlier this month. Have you considered investing in cloud application backup to ensure the availability of your clients’ Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Box data?

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7 Risks of using DropBox in your business environments…

Were you aware that if your employees are using Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive, your business may be at serious risk. Learn why is the only secure, business-grade cloud file sync service that we back.

This free information details the several risks associated with the use of Dropbox, and how it can open the door to company data being synced (without approval) across personal devices.

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